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Beauty in the busy

As we approach Christmas, we no doubt have many emotions and thoughts swirling around in our hearts and minds. Our calendars this time of year can be slammed full with so many good things (Christmas plays, ballets, cookie baking, and decorating). There are logistics to finalize for meals, and time to be shared with family and friends. And for the procrastinators among us, there are probably still some gifts to be purchased, wrapped, and addressed.

Perhaps there are some toys that still need to be put together. Or maybe this year, you are preparing to travel - you're making sure the tank is full, the tire pressure is good, or that your flight itinerary is in order.

There is a way in which we can be so busy that we miss the wonder of Christmas, but I'll save that for another blog. Because you see, in the midst of the busy-ness of routine tasks, angels showed up to proclaim the Messiah's birth to shepherds.

Full disclosure, I've never worked with animals of any kind. However, I imagine it is a taxing profession that has full days and nights. I wonder this Christmas how the Spirit of God may surprise us in the routine calendar events we have planned. I wonder how Jesus may speak to our hearts this season to see the beauty in the midst

of the busy.

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