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Creatures of Habit [Pt. 2]

There is a rule of thumb when it comes to habits:

Habits that help me right now, usually hurt me later. Conversely, habits that help me later usually cause some discomfort now.

I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule -- but this is generally true.

Developing a habit of exercise is usually uncomfortable in the beginning but it leads to better health in the future.

Developing a habit of budgeting is usually uncomfortable in the beginning but it leads to greater financial freedom in the future.

Developing a habit of smoking is usually easy to do in the beginning. There are immediate benefits from the behavior - a sense of relief, neurons that fire in the brain to release stress. But...the returns of this habit diminish your health in the long term.

Because it is easier to start habits that are harmful, it’s important to take an inventory of our habitual practices. What do I do? When I wake up? On my way to work? On my lunch break? In the evening? What are my natural rhythms? We are creatures of habit. When we choose something today we are more likely to choose it again tomorrow.

This begs the question: do my practices get me closer to the person that I want to become or do they lead me further away from the person that I want to become? How can you take one step today towards becoming who God created you to be? Give yourself grace on the journey and learn to embrace the challenge. God gives us enough grace to begin to do difficult things that will give us more life in the future.

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full [John 10:10b].”

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