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Flat Tires

What should you do when you find out you have a flat? You have at least four options: 1) You can pretend it’s not flat and keep driving 2) You can put some air in it and hope it holds 3) You can inspect the tire for a puncture, and/or 4) You can take it to a tire shop.

A flat tire is supposed to last for a season. Hopefully, a short season. It’s not supposed to become a new normal. A season is something you know will come to an end. A new normal is when we believe this is how it will always be.

Christians are the resurrection people. We believe that even when things fall apart, we serve a God who restores. So take this season, called Lent, to inspect and reflect on the things that are figuratively “flat” in your life, in your family, in your workplace, in our community, in our nation and world. And decide how you/we should respond. How can we be agents of change and join God in the restoration of all things?

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