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Children learn what they live. However, everything that children are taught ain’t true.

Sometimes as we grow up, we realize the things we learned from those closest to us come into conflict with other ways of understanding the world. Part of what it means to mature and develop into adulthood is learning what we have to unlearn.

Unlearning can be a painful and messy process.

Sometimes, teenagers rebel and unlearn things that were good and true. And sometimes, teenagers rebel and unlearn things that were destructive and untrue. Therefore, rebellion in itself is not bad. It depends on what we are rebelling against. Rebellion is a natural part of testing the things we have been taught.

One of the most essential things to be a disciple (i.e. apprentice) of Jesus is curiosity. You have to be willing to ask questions. You have to be willing to test what it means to follow the counterintuitive ways of Jesus. You have to be willing to unlearn things that you once held dear in order to replace them with things that are truly good and right. Again, this can be a painful and messy process, but it is vital for growth.

So I’m curious, “What has Jesus been teaching you lately?” No one learns geometry, biology, or physics in a day. We first have to build a foundation so that we can build greater understanding. What are the things you are having to learn to unlearn?

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