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unfolding story

We have much to be grateful for this year as we reach the final pages of this year and prepare to embark on a brand new chapter. The pages of this year have, for the most part, been written. The story we write in the upcoming year has not.

Any creative writer takes seriously opportunities to reflect and to think about where the plot of his/her story will lead. What are the anticipated challenges along the way? What are the hoped for outcomes? What guide, sage, or mentor will help in the process of getting to the desired objective?

As I consider what God may want to do in the life of Unity UMC in the next twelve months, I feel convicted to bring all the leaders, members, and would-be leaders/members together to begin to discern where God might be taking us in the next year. On Saturday, January 12th, from 10-12pm, I would like to invite you to join us in the Harvest Center for a critical strategy meeting. We will take some time to reflect, pray, and put our pick in the ground about some key calendar items for the upcoming year. That night, I will compile our vision and strategy for 2019 to preach to the congregation on Sunday, January 13th. My hope is that we will be willing to take calculated risks in the upcoming year to see more people in our community find hope and healing through Jesus Christ.

Everyone has a part to play in this unfolding story that God is telling through Unity UMC, and we want to be prepared to train, equip, and empower folks to live out their part of the mission based on their particular gifts and abilities. So, I urge you to make this strategy meeting a priority in your schedule as you are able.

And I look forward to a great New Year!

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